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In Christ I am saved, unless tempted out Pt 3David LeachIn Christ, Temptation, Saved6/1/24ReadListen
In Christ I am saved, unless tempted out Pt 2David LeachIn Christ, Temptation, Saved5/29/24ReadListen
Commissioning to JapanDavid LeachCommission5/29/24ReadListen
Romans 8:39 Nothing will separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ JesusMercy, Annie, David LeachLove, In Christ, Do not depart5/26/24Listen
In Christ I am saved, unless tempted out Pt 1David LeachIn Christ, Temptation, Saved5/25/24ReadListen
Proud Christian- How so Pt 3David LeachSatan, Unbelief, Pride, Jesus, Faith, Humility5/25/24ReadListen
Proud Christian- How so Pt 2David LeachSatan, Unbelief, Pride, Jesus, Faith, Humility5/22/24ReadListen
Baptism - Washing-Immersion-DeathScott, Amber, David LeachBaptism5/19/24Listen
Proud Christians - how so Part1David LeachSatan, Unbelief, Pride, Jesus, Faith, Humility5/15/24ReadListen
Eph 4:11-13 Ordination SundayScott, Ashley, Amy, Alison, Amber, Annie, Mercy5/12/24Listen
A mighty revival (re-lifing of spiritually dead Christians) is sweeping this wayDavid LeachRevival5/10/24ReadListen
Why does Deuteronomy 28 attribute both blessings and cursings to GodDavid LeachBlessing, Cursing, Obey5/8/24ReadListen
Ex 14:13-14 Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord because the Lord will fight for youAshley, Carolyn, David LeachSalvation, Faith5/5/24Listen
The mystery of how God causes us to know and grow in His loveDavid LeachLove, Mystery5/1/24ReadListen
Hebrews 3:13 Exhort one another dailyMercy, Scott, David leachExhort, Sin4/28/24Listen
Anca’s Dream or Vision of a backslidden ChurchDavid LeachBackside, Vision, Dream4/27/24ReadListen
Some examples of God’s purposes for the laying on of handsDavid LeachLaying on of hands4/24/24ReadListen
God’s five ways to access His physical healingDavid LeachHealing4/20/24ReadListen
God’s will is to heal, confusion on certain verses rob’s people of faith to receive itDavid LeachHealing, Faith4/17/24ReadListen
Ps 34:4-9 I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fearsAshley, Amber, Isabel, Scott, David LeachGod is Good, Seek God, Deliverance, Fear4/14/24Listen
Healing Bosworth- God's Life in us (Pt. 2)David LeachHealing, God's Life4/13/24ReadListen
Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth: God's Life in us- Part 1David LeachHealing, God's Life, Zoe4/10/24ReadListen
Religious people not right with GodDavid LeachReligious4/6/24ReadListen
From the book Christ the Healer by F F Bosworth Chapter 10 Our ConfessionDavid LeachHealed, Healing, Confession4/3/24ReadListen
For if we have been united with Him in death we will certainly also be united with Him in His resurrectionAshley, Amber, Annie, David LeachResurrection, Life3/31/24Listen
To grow well a seed must be planted in good soil and wateredDavid LeachSeed, God's Word, Holy Spirit3/30/24ReadListen
Christ the healer by F.F. Bozworth Parts of Chapter 6: Why and how faith works in receiving physical healingDavid LeachHealing, Faith3/27/24ReadListen
2 Thessalonians 2:10-11 With all unrighteous deception among those who are perishingAmber, Annie, David LeachUnrighteous, Deception, Perish3/24/24Listen
God offers deliverance from a yo-yo unstable lifestyle of many ChristiansDavid LeachUnstable, Double minded3/23/24ReadListen
A healed heart results in a healed bodyDavid LeachHealing3/20/24ReadListen
Have the faith of GodIsabel, Scott, Brody, DavidFaith3/17/24Listen
Christ the Healer by F. F. BosworthDavid LeachHealing, Faith3/16/24ReadListen
If I do not serve God I will serve other gods - probably unawareDavid LeachServe God, Idols3/13/24ReadListen
Hebrews 6:1-2 The first lessons of the Christian life.Scott, Amber, Annie, David LeachBaptism, Repentance, Laying on of hands, Judgement, Cease from sin3/10/24Listen
Healing – what’s God’s will and what does He do, and what must I do?David LeachHealing3/9/24ReadListen
I Am the Lord Who heals youDavid LeachHealing3/6/24ReadListen
Isaiah 1:19 If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land.Carolyn, Mercy, David LeachWilling, Obedient3/3/24Listen
Is God real to you, right now? Or are you pretending that He is?David LeachPresence, Real3/2/24ReadListen
God’s Kingdom, where He reigns, grows as His words are preached and believedDavid LeachGod's Kingdom, Word, Preach, Believe2/28/24ReadListen
Matthew 5:13 You are the salt of the world, but if the salt loses its saltiness how can it be restored?Isabel, Amber, Annie, Scott, David LeachSalt, Holy Spirit2/25/24Listen
God invites born again Christians to receive and then not lose His Holy SpiritDavid LeachHoly Spirit, Born Again2/24/24ReadListen
Antioch House Healing School - Why sickness abounds David Leach Sickness, Cause, Remedy, Health, Healing, Disobedience, Believe 2/21/24ReadListen
1Timothy 4:8 Physical exercise profits a little but Godliness is profitable for all things.Scott, Mercy, David LeachGodliness2/18/24Listen
Does what we do in this life, while we can still choose, determine (a) If we make it to Heaven, and (b) If we do, how spiritually developed we are forever?David LeachLife, Choices, Eternity, Heaven, Hell, Growth, Words2/17/24ReadListen
Why do so many born-again Christians not intend to fully serve God with their lives?David LeachChristian, Follow, Serve, Disobedience, Obedience2/14/24ReadListen
Mat 4 4 Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word out of Gods mouth Bread, Living Word, Scripture, God, Speak, Live, Jesus2/11/24Listen
From reason to spiritDavid LeachHead, Heart, God, Self, Sin, Free2/10/24ReadReadListen
To be saved means I'm no long living for my sinful self but living for GodDavid LeachSaved, Salvation Free From Sin, Self, Heart, Head, God 2/7/24ReadReadListen
Ps 34 9-11 Fear the Lord you His saints there is no want to those who fear HimFear Of The Lord, Fear, Saint, Lack, Want2/4/24Listen
How does Jesus enter my heart David Leach Jesus, Word, Scripture, Bible, Holy Spirit, Life 2/3/24ReadListen
Gods hedge of protectionDavid LeachProtection, Hedge, Safe, Holy Spirit, Salvation1/31/24ReadListen
Rev 3 20 I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come into themDoor, Heart, Words, Jesus, Voice, Holy Spirit, Open, Believe1/28/24Listen
“The Master's Indwelling” By Andrew MurrayChapter 9 (in part) DEAD WITH CHRIST David Leach Dead, Free, Sin, Jesus, Holy Spirit1/27/24ReadListen
The 3 fundamental parts of every ChristianDavid LeachBody, Soul, Spirit1/24/24ReadListen
1 Thes 5 23-24 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely - body soul spiritGod, Peace, Salvation, Sanctification, Body, Soul, Spirit1/21/24Listen
From the book: The Master’s Indwelling by Andrew MurrayDavid Leach Andrew Murray 1/20/24ReadListen
Why do I personally need to be under the control of the Holy Spirit at all times?David Leach Holy Spirit, Control, Leading1/17/24ReadListen
Now may the God of peace make you perfect in every good work to do His will God, Peace, Salvation, Good Work, Perfect1/14/24Listen
Not my will but Your will be done David Leach God's Will, Self Will, Heart, Head1/13/24ReadListen
Noah built an ark to save 8 David Leach Noah, Ark, Salvation1/10/24ReadListen
Your words were found and I ate them and they were the joy and rejoicing of my heartGods Words, Seek, Find, Joy, Rejoicing, Heart1/7/24Listen
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (part 2)David Leach Second Coming, Jesus, Father, In Christ1/6/24ReadListen
Is my heart hard due to sin or is my spirit tender because of righteousnessDavid Leach Heart, Hard, Sin, Tender, Righteous1/3/24ReadListen
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believingGod, Hope, Peace, Believe, Joy12/31/23Listen
The Second Coming of Jesus ChristDavid LeachChrists Return12/30/23ReadListen
What are the keys of God’s Kingdom – and the keys to it?David LeachKeys, Kingdom, God, Heaven12/27/23ReadListen
Isaiah 52 7 How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of those who bring GoodFeet, Words, Good News, Gospel12/24/23Listen
Where our spiritual feet tread, Satan loses land - our feet are the part of our spirits from which we speak; as we speak God’s words, our feet tread, and we take his landDavid Leach Feet, Satan, God, Believe, Spirit, Heart, Wicked Spirits12/23/23ReadListen
Does God need us to keep on believing His promises to us for another, regardless of how they currently act, in order to fulfill those promises?David Leach Believe, Promise, Faith, Prayer, Love 12/20/23ReadListen
Rom 5 10 if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His SonEnemy, Friend, Reconciled, Death, Holy Spirit, Jesus12/17/23Listen
After conversion we must be sanctified and sealed by the Holy Spirit to be savedDavid Leach 12/16/23ReadListen
The greatest harm we Christians do to ourselves is to neglect GodDavid Leach 12/13/23ReadListen
Mark 16 11-18 These signs will follow those who believe in my name they will lay hands on the sickSigns, Miracles, Believe, Healing, Hands, Sick, Recovery12/10/23Listen
Eternal DestinationDavid LeachEternal Destination12/09/2023ReadListen
Conceited Christians are everywhere – am I one?Conceited, Boasting, Christian12/6/23ReadListen
Ecc 9 17 The words of the wise heard in quietness are better than the shout of the one who rules foolsWords, Wisdom, Wise, God, Hearing, Fool, Satan 12/3/23Listen
If Churches mix the new birth with the bible as rules Christians die to GodBible, Rules, Grace, Law, New Covenant11/29/23ReadListen
God says Christians are at war with Satan and it’s a thought-life warDavid Leach 11/25/23ReadListen
Eph 5 15-18 See then that you live exactly not as fools but as wise peopleFool, Wise, God, Satan, Heart, World11/26/23Listen
What is it, only, that can restore a fallen away Christian?David Leach 11/22/23Read
Eph 1 4 God chose us in Christ before the creation of the world that we should be holy and sinlessChosen, Creation, Holy, His, Sinless, Blameless, Free11/19/23Listen
If I open the eyes of my heart I’ll see how dependent on a faithful God I amDavid LeachDependent, Child, Faithful, Father, Eyes, Heart11/18/23ReadListen
The triune (three in one) God, is God’s emphasis on the Three or on the OneTriune, One, God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit11/15/23ReadListen
1 John 4 7-8 Beloved let us love one another for love is fromLove11/12/23Listen
Worry kills Christ in me; it comes from un-forgiveness as a result of prideDavid LeachWorry, Care, Unforgiveness, Pride 11/11/23ReadListen
God’s promises of protection from harm to those who love HimDavid Leach Protection, Love, Promise, Obedience11/8/23ReadListen
John 14 22-24 How can it be that you will reveal Yourself to us and not to the worldJesus, Revealed, Holy Spirit11/5/23Listen
Mat 18 5 Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives MeReceive, Child, My Name10/29/23Listen
What does it mean to be a Christian and yet still proud?David LeachChristian, Proud, Pride, Self10/28/23ReadListen
What does it mean to be a Christian and yet still proud?David Leach Christian, Proud, Pride, Self 10/25/23ReadListen
1 Cor 3 2 I fed you with milk and not with solid foodFed, Food, Milk, Carnal, Baby10/22/23Listen
We Christians have so much to thank God for, but so few of us do. Why?David LeachThankful, Give Thanks, Ungateful, By Him10/21/23ReadListen
If I don’t let God deliver me from pride it will destroy meDavid LeachPride, Self, Humility, God, Destruction10/18/23ReadListen
Chastening Child, Correction, Chastening, Loving10/15/23Listen
Everyone at war needs Christ, He is love who bears all things – here is howDavid Leach War, Christ, Need, Love, Forgiveness 10/14/23
Another war has broken out, what’s the root cause, what’s God’s remedy?David Leach War, Remedy, Unforgiveness, Pride, Humility10/11/20ReadListen
Heb 12 3 Consider Him who endured such opposition from from sinnersEndurance, Jesus, Sinner, Opposition10/8/23Listen
As a Christian when should I be either hospitable or walk away?David Leach Hospitable10/4/23ReadListen
1Thessalonians 5 18 Give thanks in all circumstances for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus Giving Thanks, Thankful, Grateful, Gods Will, 10/1/23Listen
The “in Christ” Christian life is to live continually as God’s little childDavid Leach In Christ, Heart, Spirit, Christian, Child, Led, Continually, Choices9/30/23ReadListen
When bad things happen – God is not allowing itDavid Leach Good, Bad, Evil, God, Satan9/27/23ReadListen
Heart confident toward God or condemned in sinConfident, Condemned, Heart, Head, God, Self9/24/23Listen
Is my heart hard due to sin or tender due to RighteousnessDavid Leach Heart, Head, Sin, Righteousness, Tender, Hard 9/23/23ReadListen
Salvation of family members – some of God’s examplesDavid Leach Salvation, Family, Saved, Faith9/20/23ReadListen
Romans 8 32 He who did not spare His own Son but delivered Him up for us all9/17/23Listen
God’s equal role for His female children in the ministry of Jesus ChristDavid Leach9/16/23ReadListen
Who are today’s disciples of Jesus Christ? According to JesusDavid Leach 9/13/23Read
Fruit of our lips Words, Speaking, Fruit, Good, Bad9/10/23Listen
When does a person become a child of God, a part of His family David LeachChild, Family, God's9/9/23ReadListen
The way of my evil human nature, or, the way of Christs good natureDavid Leach Evil, Human Nature, Self, Christ, Heart, Spirit, Good9/6/23ReadListen
The worlds wisdom9/3/23Listen
Suggested subjects every child should be taught by parents who know themDavid LeachChildren, Taught, Heart, Spirit, Salvation9/2/23ReadListen
God gave you, me and everyone else a conscience, why?David LeachConscience, God, You8/30/23ReadListen
2023-8-27 Isaiah 27 2-3 A beloved vineyard I the Lord keep it I water it every moment lest any hurt MP3Isabel, David LeachVineyard, Water God's Word, God Spirit, Protection8/27/23Listen
Is it right to Judge others? God says; Yes and NoDavid LeachJudge, Watch, Right, Wrong8/26/23ReadListen
Not knowing what’s ahead you and I choose to worry or to put our trust in GodDavid LeachWorry, Trust, Know, Uncertianty, 8/23/23ReadListen
A servant of the Lord must not quarrel Amy Ferrell, Annie Holt, Amber Mayfield, Brody Harrell, David LeachServant, Fight, Argue, Love, Fellowship, Friendly, Teach, Preach8/20/23Listen
We Christians are under law or under Christ or we are in rebellionDavid Leach Law, Grace, Head, Heart, Flesh, Spirit, Obedience, Disobedience8/19/23ReadListen
Good and EvilDavid Leach Good, God, Evil, Satan, Flesh, 8/16/23Read
The Mind of Christ Mind, Christ, Holy Spirit8/13/23Listen
The mystery of healing that God wants every Christian to knowDavid Leach Healing, Mystery, Health, Holy Spirit, God's words 8/12/23ReadListen
The Ten Virgins Lamp, Oil, Holy Spirit, Filled8/6/23Listen
God says I need the patience of Christ in order to be saved and to lack nothingDavid Leach Patience, Lacking Nothing, God's Word, Promise8/2/23Read
Eph 1:11 In Christ predestined (2)7/30/23Listen
Real humility yields to Christ, but the fake religion of self is false humilityDavid Leach Humility, Religion, False True, Self, Christ7/29/23Read
God has made Himself dependant on our prayers for othersDavid Leach Prayer, God, Us, Satan, God's Will7/26/23Read
Zech 10:1 Ask the Lord for rain in the time of latter rainRain, Righteousness, Souls, God's Will, Believe7/23/23Listen
How can God convince a Christian who mistakenly thinks they know a lot about Him, that they don’t; who have an adult body and brain but who are still spiritual infants, and at risk? Answer: with great difficulty. Why?David Leach Christian, Knowing God, Hearing Him, Unsure, Convinced7/22/23Read
God will cause me to forgive all – if I don’t I’m living in darknessDavid Leach Unforgiveness, Forgiveness, God, Christ, Words, Offense, Love, Darkness, Light, Need, Holy Spirit7/19/23ReadListen
IS 61:1&3 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me.. so that we may be trees of righteousness..that He might be glorified Holy Spirit, Lord, Anointed, Preach, Tree, Captive, Free, Seed, Word7/16/23Listen
Gossip, slander, bad mouthing, speaking evil - the harm and God's cureDavid Leach Gossip, Slander, Bad , Mouthing, Harm, Remedy, Cure, God, Self7/15/23ReadListen
Gods goal for me and my greatest need is to let Him make me righteousDavid Leach God, Goal, Purpose, Need, Righteous, Right, Keep, Goal7/12/23Read
Gal 3:26-27 In Christ Jesus you are all children of God by faith because as many as were baptized into Christ, have put on Christ In Christ, Child, Faith, God, Baptized, Put On7/9/23Listen
Righteousness, being kept right with God is my Salvation and my ministry to others David Leach God is Joy, He intends for our life to be unending Joy In Him7/8/23Read
Righteousness, being kept right with God is my Salvation and my ministry to othersDavid Leach Righteousness, Sin, Salvation, Ministry, God, Purpose7/5/23Read
Prov 2:1-5 My child IF you receive my words... Words, Treasure, Hear, Love, Life, Good7/2/23Listen
God is Joy, He intends for our life to be unending Joy In HimDavid Leach Joy, God, Christ, Christian, Life7/1/23ReadListen
God is Joy, He intends for our Christian life to be unending Joy In Him David Leach Joy, God, Christ, Christian, Life6/28/23ReadListen
My child pay attention to my words..keep your eyes on them..they are My Life.. they are health to the whole body Words, Life, Hear, Treasure, Do, Health6/25/23
The whole reason why we are here is, in Chirst, to know and do His willDavid Leach My will, Gods will, Know, Learn, Do6/24/23Read
My life reflects choices, if they are right God must make them David Leach Life, Choice, God, Right, Wrong, Self 6/21/23Read
Matthew 28:18-20 All authority has been given unto me..therefore go and make disciples... baptizing them into the Father son and Holy Spirit.. teaching them to obey .. i am with you alwaysMercy Abrams, Ashley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Alison Mitchell, David Leach Authority, Disciple, Obey, Holy Spirit, Father, Word, Teach, One6/18/23Listen
David Leach Rest, Salvation, God, Promise6/17/23ReadListen
Light, God, needs me to live in Him, so He can give light by me to those in darknessDavid Leach Light, Darkness, Words, Actions, God6/14/2023ReadListen
Jesus "Have the faith of God" mark 11:22David Leach Faith, Trust, Righteous6/7/23ReadListen
We who are forgiven are caused to thank Him so that we might know His salvation David Leach Giving Thanks, Thankful, Praise, God, Heart, Goodness5/31/23ReadListen
Envy Mercy Abrams, Amber Mayfield, Scott Mayfield, Ali Mitchell, David Leach Envy, Sin, Hate, Lies, False, Pride5/28/23Listen
Wrong words defile our hearts, then we can’t see God and all is impureDavid leach Words, Speak, Talk 5/27/23Read
Before Christ our lives were aimless, after, for many, it still lacks purposeDavid Leach
Aimless, Helpless, Purpose, God5/24/23Read
The recurring pitfalls of Christians who falsely think we’ve arrived spirituallyDavid Leach Pitfalls, Lies, Deceived5/20/23ReadListen
Did God deliver me from Alcohol; knowing how bad it was why would I even sip it?David Leach Alcohol, Addiction, Saved 5/17/23Read
Can I lose my Salvation Heb 3:12, If I lost my salvation to sin can I be re-lifed IS 57:15Ashley Harrel, Amber Mayfield, Mercy Abrams, Alison Mitchell, Annie Holt, Jon HoltSalvation, Revival, Saved, Sanctified, Revived5/14/23Listen
Everlasting Life-is it a one time gift to me? Or is it the actual life and nature of God, that I can loseDavid Leach Salvation, Saved, Lost, Dead, Revival, Revived5/13/23ReadListen
Can I lose my salvation?David Leach Salvation, Saved, Sanctified, Unsaved, Unrighteous5/10/23ReadListen
1 Peter 3:10-11 He who would love life and see good days, let him refrain his lips tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit. Let him turn away from evil and do good, Let him seek peace and pursue itBrody Harrell, Annie Holt, John Holt, David Leach Speak, Heart, Head, Love, Life, Good, Happy5/7/23Listen
Follow up Ministry who, what, when, howDavid Leach Ministry, Holy Spirit, Speaking5/6/23ReadListen
Do Holy people have an aura and shouldn't these Holy people be able to heal anyone?David Leach Holy, Healing, Faith5/3/23ReadListen
Revelation 1:6 He has made us kings and priests and Proverbs 21:1 the kings heart is in the hand of the Lord Amy Farrell, Ali Mitchell, Mercy AbramsMade, Christ, Kings, Priests, War, Led, Guided, Holy Spirit4/30/23Listen
Ministry who what when howDavid Leach Minisrty, Preaching, Speaking, Gospel4/29/23ReadListen
Dictum Meum Pactum – My word is my bond – Is it really?Pastor David Words, Lips, Speaking, God, Satan4/26/23ReadListen
Love your enemies Love, Enemies, God, Friend4/23/23Listen
Christian do some of your thoughts come from familiar spirits?David LeachThoughts, Free, Spirits, Slave, God, Words4/19/23ReadListen
Being crucified means truly enjoying life David Leach Crucified, In Christ, Fun, Enjoyment4/15/23Read Listen
Oswald Chambers Devotional Crucified David Leach Crucified, Christ, Holy Spirit, Eternal Life 4/10/23ReadListen
Making known the mystery of the fear of the Lord, the mystery of ChristDavid Leach Fear Of The Lord, Mystery, Gospel, Knowledge, Love4/8/23Read
How do I know that I’m living in Christ, that my will or soul is submitted fully to God’s Spirit in my spirit, so that I’m saved from myself and sinDavid Leach In Christ, Submitted, God's Spirit, My Spirit, Saved4/5/25ReadListen
Satan harms us all with his thoughts, God will love and save us with His truthDavid Leach Thoughts, God, Satan4/1/23 Read
Phil 3 10 That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection in fellowship of His sufferingsFellowship, Suffering, Resurrection, Power 3/26/23Listen
Living in our old nature, In Christ, not in our human natureDavid Leach Flesh, Spirit, Heart, Human Nature, Will, Christ, Satan3/22/23Read
Matt 16 17-18 Blessed are you because flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my Father in HeavenAshley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, Scott Mayfield, Ali MitchellBlessed, Flesh, Blood, Heart, Spirit, Revelation, Heaven 3/19/23Listen
By my nature I wont want to obey God by Christs nature in me Ill love toDavid Leach Flesh, Heart, God's Will, My Will 3/18/23ReadListen
Christianity is obeying God if I love Him I obey Him thats how Im savedDavid Leach Obedience, Love, God, Salvatiom3/15/23ReadListen
The saddest of all contradictions - a Christian who backslides from GodDavid Leach Backslider, Enemy, Unsaved3/11/23Readlisten
Am I in sync with God or in Sync with the world and making myself Gods enemyDavid LeachGod, One, Friend, Enemy, Obeying3/8/23ReadListen
If someone says lets talk about our rellationship - some of us freezeDavid Leach Relationship, Marriage, Unity, One3/1/23ReadListen
Phil 2 2-5 Fulfill my joy be likeminded having the same love being of one will of one mindAmber Mayfield, Ali Mitchell, David Leach Joy, Likeminded, Same Mind, One, Heart, Marriage, Relationship2/26/23Listen
Addictions- Gods only guaranteed failsafe way to cure meDavid Leach
Addiction, Nature Change, Heart, Spirit, Flesh 2/25/23ReadListen
The need and blessing of sanctification to be fully saved- A B SimpsonDavid Leach Salvation, Sanctification, Blessing, Saved, Need2/22/23ReadListen
2Chron 16 9A The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the entire earth to show himself strong for those whose hearts are fully HisMercy Abrams, Scott Mayfield, Annie Holt, David Leach Lord, Eyes, Hearts2/19/23Listen
How and with what do we take hold of God and not let go so that only then can He fulfill His promisesDavid LeachHeart, Spirit, Believe, Gods Word, Take Hold2/18/23ReadListen
2023-2-15 God has a failsafe way to a happy unified fruitful marriageDavid Leach Fruitful, Marriage, Love, Happy, Blessed, God2/15/2023ReadListen
1 Thes 4 17 We who are alive and remain in Christ will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the airAmber Mayfield, Carolyn MayfieldChrists Return, Rapture, 2/12/2023
I will never find lasting peace until I yield my will to live in ChristDavid LeachPeace, In Christ, In God, Righteous2/11/23ReadListen
Head vs HeartScott MayfieldHead, Heart, God, Self, Destiny, Heaven, Hell2/8/23ReadListen
Our lives built on the rock of Gods words or the sand of satans wordsDavid LeachRock, Sand, God, Satan2/4/2023ReadListen
Why do I get angry - How can God keep me from angerDavid LeachAnger, Angry, Spirit, Satan, God2/1/2023ReadListen
Eph 4 11-13 He Himself gave some Apostles Prophets Evangelist Pastor and Teachers for the perfecting of the SaintsMercy Abrams, Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, David LeachApostles, Prophets, Evangilist, Pastor, Teacher, Saints, God1/29/23Listen
Is continued stumbling the way of a Christian or is it errorDavid LeachStumbling, Sin, Words, Christian, Self, God1/25/2023ReadListen
Eph 4 1-3 Be completely humble and gentle be patient bearing with one another in loveIsabel Sanchez, Lisa Ashburn, Jon Holt, Mercy Abrams, Amber MayfieldHumility, Love, Gentle, Patient, Kind1/22/23Listen
Col 4 12 One of you a bondslave of Christ labored aways for you by prayers so that you may stand perfectAshley Harrell, Mercy Abrams, Colin Ferrell, David LeachBondslave, Labor, Prayer, Intercession, Complete, Perfect1/15/2023Listen
2023-1-14 Chapter 12 Knowing Gods Will from the book Gods will my dwelling placeDavid Leach God's Will, Life, Leading, Knowing1/14/2023ReadListen
Why does God need me to pray for what who and howDavid LeachPrayer, Praying, Intercession1/11/2023ReadListen
Heb 12:12-13 Lift up the hands which hang down strengthen the feeble kneesAmy Ferrell, Mercy Abrams, Amber Mayfield, Ali Mitchell, David LeachPrayer, Praise, Preaching, Intercession, Body of Christ1/8/2023Listen
Doing Gods Will The Secret Of Living In Christ Chapter 29 of Gods will my dwelling placeDavid LeachGod's Will, In Christ, Life, Dwelling, Happy, Blessed 1/7/2023ReadListen
The basics of prayer for individuals groups and the human raceDavid LeachPrayer, Intercession, God, Holy Spirit1/4/2023ReadListen
Matt 28 19-20 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy SpiritDavid LeachDisciples, Baptize, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Obey1/1/2023Listen
Salvation from sin to God requires that I die to myself--Oswald Chambers To be one of Gods saints I must die to selfDavid LeachSalvation, Saved, Sin, Death to Self, Oswald, God12/28/2022ReadListen
Col 2 8 TEV see to it that no one takes you captive with worthless deceit of human wisdomCaptive, Deceit, Lies, Human Wisdom12/25/2022Read
For many Christians God just isnt real to them anymoreDavid LeachGod, Dead, Not Real12/24/2022ReadListen
Christianity is a relationship in our spirits with God who is a SpiritDavid LeachRelationship, Spirit, God, Heart12/21/2022ReadListen
Matt 6 24 No one can serve two mastersServe, Masters, Slave, God, Self, Satan12/18/2022Listen
Ext of Wed paper - With Christs faith I trust God and my soul rests for im saved from my enemiesDavid LeachFaith, Trust, Saved, Enemy, God12/17/2022ReadListen
With Christs faith I trust God and my soul rests for I'm saved from my enemiesDavid Leach Faith, Soul, Heart, Trust, Rest, Saved12/14/2022ListenListen
2 Cor 3 4 We have such trust toward God in and by Christ (1)Trust, Hear, God's Word, Confidence, Heart12/11/2022Listen
As my heart thinks on Gods words I'm feeding on God and being changedDavid Leach Meditate, Think, God's Word's, Change, Eating, Heart, Spirit12/10/2022ReadListen
Christianity is all about our spirits and the bible only works by Gods SpiritDavid LeachSpirit, Heart, Christianity, Bible, Holy Spirit12/7/2022ReadListen
Proverb 6 2 You are snared by the words of your mouthSnared, Trap, Words, Thoughts, Truth, Lies12/4/2022Listen
Do I know the secret of Gods Kingdom - am I living in itDavid Leach Secret, Kingdom, God12/3/2022ReadListen
Jesus says I am willing be healed - your faith has made you wellDavid LeachHealing, Healed, Laying on of Hands11/30/2022ReadListen
Ecc 5 10 He who loves silver will not be satisfied with silver - nor he who loves abundance with increaseMoney, Love, Satisfaction, Blessed11/27/2022Listen
Lecture 10 on revivals of religion - by Charles FinneyDavid Leach Revival, Religion, Christianity11/26/2022ReadListen
To be blessed and so to give God thanks I must be right with HimDavid LeachBlessed, Giving Thanks, Thankful, Righteous11/23/2022ReadListen
Psalm 56 3 Whenever I am afraid I put my trust in youFear, Love, Trust, Afraid11/20/2022Listen
How to end your day with God and sleep sweetlyDavid LeachQuiet Time, God, Sleep11/19/2022ReadListenhref="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Listen
Why spend time each day alone with God in prayer in worship and in His wordDavid LeachQuiet Time, God, Heart, Spirit, Morning11/16/2022ReadListenhref="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Listen
2 Cor 5 19-20 God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ not counting peoples sins against themReconciliation, God, Words, Love11/13/2022Listen
The Bible wont be real to me until my heart has been circumcisedDavid LeachCircumcised, Heart, Flesh, Love11/12/2022ReadListen
Some suggestions on why and how to study the BibleDavid LeachStudy, Learn11/9/2022ReadListen
2 Tim 2 15 Study to show yourself approved by GodStudy11/6/2022Listen
The pursuit of Happiness a secular view and Gods viewDavid LeachHappiness, Joy, God, Satan11/5/2022ReadListen
When I'm in Christ what things have gone what things are newDavid LeachIn Christ, Old, New, Flesh, Heart, Thoughts11/2/2022ReadListen
Gal 5 6 In Christ nothing counts but faith working by love Gal 6 15 In Christ nothing counts but a new creationIsabel Sanchez, David Ashburn, Brody Harrell, David LeachIn Christ, New Creation, Heart, Flesh10/30/2022Listen
The Kingdom Of God Which Is The Kingdom Of HeavenDavid LeachKingdom, God, Heaven10/29/2022ReadListen
If We Christians Learn To Put Our Trust In God Our Lives Can Be Made BeautifulDavid Leach 10/26/2022Readlisten
3 John 2 Beloved wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health just as your soul prospersAmy Ferrell, Jon Holt, Scott Mayfield, Amber MayfieldProsperity, Soul, Growth, Words 10/23/2022Listen
The Mystery of the Kingdom of God - explained by JesusDavid Leach 10/22/2022listen
Our brains are easily deceived about God and scriptures and can lead us to eternal ruinationDavid Leach Head, Heart, Deception, Truth, Lies10/19/2022ReadListen
1Tim 4 6 If you instruct your brother in these things then you will be a good minister of Jesus ChristLisa Ashburn, Mercy Abrams, Instruction, Love, Family10/16/2022Listen
Why were we created - Why were we redeemed - God longs for a family who will freely choose to love HimDavid Leach Family, God, Redeemed, Creation10/15/2022ReadListen
Why do I need to be in an active relationship with God? 12 answersDavid LeachRelationship, God, Spirit10/12/2022ReadListen
Heb 12 16-17 Let none of you be like Esau who sold his birthright for foodAustin Mitchell, Mercy Abrams, Amber Mayfield, Ashley HarrellBirthright, Child10/9/2022Listen
Do you think God is with the crowd or with the remnantDavid Leach Crowd, Remnant10/8/2022ReadIs God with the crowd or Remnant
Chapter 10 The danger of falling away from God from the book The Land of PromiseDavid Leach Falling, Declining10/5/2022Listen
Eph 1 13-14 In Christ you trusted after you heard the word of truth Trust, Believe10/2/2022Listen
The greatest thing in all of life is knowing God - Dont you want to know Him moreDavid LeachKnowing God, Knowledge, Love10/1/2022ReadListen
To be saved means: I don't do my will, which is sin; I do God's will, righteousnessDavid LeachSin, Righteousness, God's Will, My Will, Saved, Salvation9/28/2022ReadListen
Mat 23 13 Woe to you scribes and Pharisees hypocritesMercy Abrams, Amber Mayfield, Alison MitchellScribes, Pharisees, Hypocrites9/25/2022Listen
Christians with clean hands and a pure heart live in God's presenceDavid Leach Pure Hearts, Truth, Lies, God, Satan9/24/2022ReadListen
God Will Cause Me To Forgive All-If I Don't I Am Living In DarknessDavid Leach Forgive, Unforgiveness, Darkness, Light9/21/2022ReadListen
Unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be made known wisdom of God by the ChurchDemons, Satan, Enemy, Revival, Saints9/18/2022Listen
As a Christian I either overcome or I am overcomeDavid LeachOvercomer, Defeated9/17/2022ReadListen
God Promises Me Rest-What Does That Mean How Do I EnterDavid LeachRest, Sabbath, In Christ9/14/2022ReadListen
Will I always know Gods will on any matter if I'm submissive and neutralGod's will, Leading, Holy Spirit, Word9/11/202Listen
The subject of children attending Church services - some suggested topics to discussDavid LeachChildren, Meetings9/10/2022ReadListen
Why the needs of many Christians cant be met by GodDavid LeachNeeds, Provision9/7/2022Read
Heb 1:9 You have loved righteousness and you have hated sinRighteousness, Sin, Pride, Humility, Joy, Happiness, Holy Spirit9/4/2022Listen
Gossip and slander - the evil the damage the cause and the cureDavid LeachGossip, Slander, Evil9/3/2022ReadListen
Do we hate pride yet - God does - and Hes our FatherDavid Leach Pride, Sin8/31/2022ReadListen
The way to get strife out of our lives and our homesDavid Leach Strife, Fighting, Arguing, Home8/27/2022ReadListen
What is a child's part in knowing God and how does a parent cover themDavid Leach Children, Heart, Knowing God, Parents8/24/2022ReadListen
1 John 5 18 19 I Know That No Child Of God Continues To Sin For Gods Son Keeps Them SafeLisa Ashburn, Mercy Abrams, Carolyn Mayfield, Amber Mayfield, Scott MayfieldSin, Salvation, Holy Spirit, Child, God, Satan, Safe, Saved8/21/2022Listen
As flowers open to sunlight our hearts are made to open to GodDavid Leach Son, Heart, Open8/20/2022ReadListen
Ancas Dream or Vision of a backslidden ChurchDavid Leach Vision, Dream, Back Slider8/17/2022ReadListen
Genesis 50 vs 20 You intended to harm me But God intended it for GoodMercy Abrams, Amy Whitlock, Jon Holt, David LeachGod, Satan, Good, Evil8/14/2022Listen
God will make me entirely His by his Word and Spirit, Jesus ChristDavid LeachWord, Spirit, 8/13/2022ReadListen
2022-8-7 Psalms 91 9-11 Because you have made the Lord where you live no evil will happen to youAshley Harrell, Mercy Abrams, David AshburnBlessed, Protected, Angels, Prayer, Evil, Good8/7/2022Listen
Two lives one natural subject to Satan one spiritual blessed by GodDavid Leach Natural, Spiritual, Satan, God, Prosperity, Poverty8/6/2022ReadListen
God says Christians are at war with Satan and its a thought-life warDavid Leach War, Thoughts, Satan, God, Defeated, Victorious8/3/2022ReadListen
2 Cor 10 4-5 The weapons of our warfare are not human but mighty in GodScott Mayfield, Colin Farrell, Alison Mitchell, Amber MayfieldWar, Thoughts, Heart, Head, Satan, God7/31/2022Listen
I say that I believe in God - do my thoughts words and actions confirm itDavid Leach Believe, Christian, Atheist, Unbelief7/30/2022ReadListen
There are two kinds of knowledge - requiring two mindsDavid Leach Knowledge, Knowing God, Head, Heart7/27/2022ReadListen
Can a Christian be in sin in one area of life and righteous in anotherDavid Leach Sin, Righteousness, Forgiven, Dead, Unrighteous 7/23/22Readhref="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">ReadListen
The root cause of someone not in relationship with God - is unbeliefDavid LeachUnbelief, Faith7/20/2022ReadListen
Joshua 7 13 - God says there are things that should have been destroyed - secret sin caused defeatSin, Unbelief, Addiction, Defeat, Deliverance7/17/2022Listen
True Christians learn to wait on - many don't to their great lossDavid Leach Waiting On God, Wait, Soul 7/16/2022ReadListen
Learning as a child to speak what God says to me by His SpiritDavid Leach Learn, Speaking, Words, God's Word, God's Spirit, Holy Spirit7/13/2022ReadListen
Psalms 143 8 Cause me to hear your loving-kindness in the morning, for in you do I trustAshley Harrel, Brody Harrel, Esther Mayfield, Jon Holt, David LeachHear, Quiet Time, Love, Kindness7/10/2022Listen
My relationship with God is entirely by faith trust in my heart not my headDavid Leach Faith, Trust, Belief, Heart 7/9/2022ReadListen
Jesus saves - meaning He saves me from committing sins any moreDavid Leach Salvation, Saved, Free, Sin7/6/2022ReadListen
James 4 10 Humble yourselves in the sight of God and he will exalt youAli Mitchell, David Leach Humble, God, Pride, Satan 7/3/2022Listen
2 kinds of righteousness - only one enters Heaven - which do I haveDavid Leach Righteousness, Heaven, Hell, God, Satan, Choice7/2/2022ReadListen
Ten Bible verses that describe and restore fallen ChristiansDavid Leach Gods Word, Faith, Believe, Restoration6/29/2022ReadListen
Sanctified by faith in MeAustin Mitchell, Jon Holt, Brody Harrell, David Leach Sanctified, Forgiven, Saved, Inheritance6/26/2022Listen
If I open the eyes of my heart I'll see how dependent on a faithful God I amDavid Leach Heart, Spirit, Dependent, Receive, Given6/25/2022ReadListen
The fear of the Lord is to receive the knowledge of GodDavid Leach Fear, Dread, Separation, Love, Knowledge, Wisdom6/22/2022ReadListen
Psalms 103 1-5 Bless the Lord O my soulAshley Harrell, David Ashburn, Scott Mayfield, David Leach Bless, Thank 6/19/2022Listen
To grow well a seed must be planted in good soil and wateredDavid LeachSeed, Sower, Plant, Word, Water6/15/2022ReadListen
Ps 23Ashley Harrell, Jon Holt, Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, David LeachVictory, Gods Word, Power6/12/2022Listen
3 common hindrance to giving live, anointed by God's Spirit, messagesDavid LeachAnointed, Live, Dead, Holy Spirit, Self6/11/2022ReadListen
A Christain lives as a little child of the Father hearing and obeying His voiceDavid LeachChild, Hear, Obey6/8/2022ReadListen
As a Christian have I been weaned yet from the milk of Gods word or notDavid LeachGrowing, Feeding, Milk, Scripture, Born Again6/4/2022ReadListen
Why do we still keep taking those harmful thoughtsDavid LeachThoughts, Good, Bad, God, Satan6/1/2022ReadListen
1Cor 9 22 I am made all things to all people so that I may save someAmber Mayfield, Annie Holt, David LeachAll Things, Saving, Soul Winner, Made5/29/2022Listen
Satan harms us all with his thoughts, God will love and save us with His truthDavid LeachThoughts, Mind, Love, Saved, Truth, Satan, Harmful5/28/2022ReadListen
Old testament prophets predicted a revival of the church, the new IsraelDavid Leach Prophets, Revival, Old Testament5/25/2022ReadListen
2 Tim 4 2 Preach the word; be ready always; correct, rebuke, encourageScott Mayfield, Ali Mitchell, David Leach Preach, Teach, Encourage, Word5/22/2022Listen
What is a childs part in knowing God and how does a parent cover themDavid LeachSalvation, Children, Heart, Spirit5/21/2022ReadListen
The second coming of Jesus ChristDavid Leach Second Coming, Christs Return, Rapture, Heaven, Hell5/18/2022ReadListen
Ezra 9:8Mercy Abrams, Lisa Ashburn, David Leach Revival, Grace, Faith, Bondage, Narrow way, Broad way5/15/2022ListenListen
When evil touches my life is it indirectly from God or can there be a second causeDavid Leach Evil, Second Cause, Life, God5/14/2022Listen
Chapter 5 from the book The Supernatural by A B SimpsonDavid Leach Super Natural, Healing, Health5/11/2022ReadListen
2Sam 23 2 The spirit of the Lord spoke through me his word was on my tongue Amber Mayfield, Scott Mayfield, Alison Mitchell, David Leach Speaking, Holy Spirit, Communication5/8/2022Listen
The sheer goodness of God David Leach Goodness, Love, God5/7/2022ReadRead
Chapter 10 from the book Sunrise Land by Amy CarmichaelDavid Leach5/4/2022Listen
Hebrews 4 9-11 There remains a rest to the people of GodRest, Sabbath5/1/2022Listen
Can a prayer that fully meets God's requirements ever fail noDavid Leach Prayer4/30/2022ReadListen
From the book Sunrise Land by Amy CarmichaelDavid Leach Japan, Saved, Missionary, Love4/27/2022Listen
James 4 14 what is your life it is like a vapor a cloudVapor, Cloud, Heart, Life, Rain, Reign4/24/2022Listen
How can I know that self has gone to the cross by Mabel FrancisDavid LeachSelf, Dead4/23/2022Listen
Godly wives and husbands Gods conforming words to eachDavid LeachWife, Husband, God4/20/2022ReadListen
Eph 2 5-6 When we were dead in sins God made us alive together with ChristSin, Dead, Alive, God4/17/2022Listen
Gods blockade of the road to hell by R A TorreyDavid Leach 4/16/2022ReadListen
Forgiving everyone from my heart in and by Christ and so gratefulDavid LeachForgiveness, Heart, In Christ, By Christ4/13/2022ReadListen
Eph 4 32 Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one anotherTenderhearted, Forgiveness, Love4/10/2022Listen
The un-crucified self-life that will always betray friendshipsDavid LeachCrucified, Uncrucified, Self, Flesh, Heart, Love4/9/2022ReadListen
Do some of your thoughts come from familiar spiritsDavid LeachThoughts, Thinking, Head, Flesh4/6/2022ReadListen
Psalms 28 3 The Lord is my strength and my shieldBrody Harrell, Lisa Ashburn, David Leach Strength, Lord4/3/2022Listen
God's promises cover everything when we're in ChristDavid LeachPromises, Scripture4/2/2022ReadListen
The ministry of preaching the kingdomDavid LeachMinistry, Preaching, Kingdom3/30/2022ReadListen
Your disciples do what is not lawful on the SabbathAshley Harrell, Mercy Abrams, Annie Holt, David LeachDisciples, Law, Grace3/27/2022Listen
Lets feed our hearts on 9 key truthesDavid Leach Feed, Think, Believe3/26/2022ReadListen
As my heart thinks on God's word I'm feeding on Him and being changedDavid LeachMeditate, Think, Change, Heart3/23/3033ReadListen
Hebrews 11 3 By faith we understand that the worlds were made by GodBrody Harrell, Ashley Harrell, Amber Mayfield, Annie Holt, David Leach Faith, Words, Thoughts, Create3/20/2022Listen
The certianty of prayer in one scriptureDavid LeachPrayer, Intercession3/19/2022ReadListen
Oswald chamber March 14 YIELDINGDavid Leach Yeild, Slave, Obedience3/16/2022ReadListen
1Tim 4 15- Meditate on these thingsLisa Ashburn, Scott Mayfield, Alison MitchellMeditate, Think, Ponder3/13/2022Listen
Rees Howells Intercessor chpt 9David LeachIntercession3/12/2022Listen
The secret sin of envy is hatred, opposing loveDavid Leach Envy, Hate, Love3/9/2022ReadListen
Christian, why harm yourself with your secret sin of envy? David Leach Envy, Jealousy3/5/2022ReadListen
The Salvation of family members David Leach Family, Household, Saved, Salvation, Promises2/23/2022ReadListen
Eph 1:11 In Him we have secured an inheritanceAmy Whitlock, Alison Mitchell, David Leach Inheritance, In Him, In Christ2/20/2022Listen
The awful state of the human race for whom Christ died David LeachDead, Died, The World2/19/2022ReadListen
The Dairymans DaughterDavid Leach Salvation, Souls2/16/2022ReadListen
Romans 6 22 You have been set free from sin and became HolyMercy Abrams, Jonathan HoltSin, Free, Slave, Holy2/13/2022Listen
Can a Christian be a martyr in the will of God?David Leach Martyr2/12/2022ReadListen
The deception that God is in control of this world God says satan is David Leach Control, Rule2/9/2022ReadListen
1 Peter 5:10 After you suffer a little while God settles youAnnie Holt, Scott Mayfield, David Leach Suffering, Conflict, Christ's Suffering2/6/2022Listen
Once saved always saved, all will enter Heaven? God, love, says noDavid Leach Saved, Not Saved, Heaven2/5/2022ReadListen
Why and how all of us must be saved from our sinDavid Leach Salvation, Self, Sin, Righteousness2/2/2022ReadListen
1 peter 3 4 Let it be the hidden person of the heartAshley Harrell, Carolyn Mayfield, David LeachHidden, Heart, Nature1/30/2022Listen
Untangling the thorny question of submission between wives and husbandsDavid LeachSubmission, Husband, Wife1/29/2022ReadListen
Am I adequate, sufficient to manage lifeDavid LeachSufficient, Able1/26/2022ReadListen
The book of Job, Does God intend it to justify harm or protection from satan Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, David LeachJob, Harm, Protection, God, Satan1/23/2022Listen
Our Salvation includes healingDavid Leach Healing1/22/2022ReadListen
The repetitive things of life drudgery or delightDavid LeachDaily, Tasks, Chores, Errands1/19/2022ReadListen
God set us with Christ in HeavenAlison Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, David LeachHeaven1/16/2022Listen
Jesus Christ is God's word His word are His hands, let us be His handsDavid LeachWord, Hand, God1/15/2022ReadListen
Before Christ our lives were aimless, after, for many, it still lacks purposeDavid Leach Purpose, Life1/12/2022ReadListen
People who are not walking with God often say I'm doing ok, can this ever be trueAmy Whitlock, Brody Harrell, Lisa Ashburn, David Leach Right, Wrong, Truth, Lies1/9/2022Listen
The mystery of God, Who is love and eternal life, is revealed In ChristDavid Leach Mystery, Love, Eternal Life, Revelation, In Christ1/8/2022ReadListen
Christians are chosen by God to be holy, and to pray for all other saints David Leach Saints, Prayer1/5/2022ReadListen
Sow to the flesh, reap corruption. Sow to the spirit, reap eternal lifeAmber Mayfield, Scott Mayfield, Pastor DavidSow, Flesh, Corruption, Spirit, Eternal Life1/2/2022Listen
Are we Christians always to submit to civil authoritiesDavid Leach Authority, Submission, Law1/1/2022ReadListen
Jesus O you of little faith, why did you doubt Matt14 31David Leach Faith, Doubt, Believe, Unbelief12/29/2021ReadListen
Prov 16.28 An evil person sows strifeMercy Abrams, Jon Holt, David LeachStrife, Contention12/26/2021Listen
Who are today's disciples of Jesus Christ, according to JesusDavid Leach Disciple12/25/2021ReadListen
Christ is a mystery revealed by God's Spirit to the spirits of those who love HimDavid LeachMystery, Revelation, Spirit, Love12/22/2021ReadListen
Glorious liberty and glorious restraint in ChristAnnie Holt, Amber Mayfield, Scott MayfieldLiberty, Restraint12/19/2021ReadListen
What does it mean to feed my heart daily on Gods wordsDavid Leach God's words12/18/2021ReadListen
Christianity is a relationship with God built on His faithDavid Leach Relationship, Faith12/15/2021ReadListen
Will my "good works" offset my sinAshley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Mercy Abrams, David Leach Good Works, God Led12/12/2021Listen
Our choices and decisions is God in all of themDavid LeachChoices, God's thoughts12/11/2021ReadListen
God says it's sin that determines if I belong to the Devil or GodDavid LeachSatan's, God's, Sin12/8/2021ReadListen
A true Christian is owned, ruled and told what to doLisa Ashburn, Ali Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, Amber Mayfield, David Leach Christian, Ruled, Owned12/5/2021Listen
Satan harms us all with thoughts, God will love and save us with His truthDavid LeachSatan, God, Thoughts, Freedom12/4/2021ReadListenhref="" rel="noopListenener" target="_blank">Listen
Jesus died, went to hell, arose and I did too In ChristDavid LeachThe Cross, Hell, Heaven, In Christ12/1/2021ReadListen
Gods Love compared to human loveMercy Abrams, Scott Mayfield Love11/28/2021Listen
Patience in waiting on God David LeachWaiting, Patience11/27/2021ReadListen
Jesus went to hell for meDavid Leach Hell11/25/2021ReadListen
Waiting on God so He can change us into His likenessDavid Leach Waiting, Weary, Faint, Eagles11/24/2021Listen
Faith, Foolishness, PresumptionDavid Ashburn, Amber Mayfield, David LeachFaith, Foolishness, Presumption11/21/2021Listen
God's peace, material and spiritual prosperity in ChristDavid LeachProsperity, Peace11/20/2021Readhref="" rel="<a noopener" target="_blank">Read"noopener" target="_blank">ReadListen
God changes peoples wills as righteous pray His revealed willDavid LeachRighteous, Prayer11/17/2021ReadListen
The ministry of Life and the ministry of death Amy Whitlock, Scott Mayfield, David LeachMinistry, serving, Life, Death11/14/2021Listen
How to end your day with God and sleep sweetlyDavid Leach Sleep, Quiet Time, Night Time11/13/2021ReadListen
Deliverance from yoyo lifeDavid leachHappy, Blessed, Defeated, Sad11/10/2021ReadListen
AuthorityRighteousness, Overcoming11/07/2021Listen
When God gifts us with one another He makes room for us David Leach Gift, People, Himself11/06/2021ReadListen
2 lifestyles, 2 deaths, 2 resurrections, 2 judgements, 2 final destinationsDavid Leach Choose11/3/2021ReadListen
In HimBrody Harrell, Mercy Abrams, Scott Mayfield, David LeachIn Christ, In God, In the Beloved10/31/2021Listen
Blessed are the mercifulDavid LeachForgiveness, Mercy10/30/2021ReadListen
7 keys to starting your day with GodDavid LeachMorning Time, Quiet Time10/27/2021ReadListen
Total Forgiveness
Jon Holt, Amber Mayfield, Alison Mitchell, David LeachForgiveness, Unforgiveness, Happy, Unhappy, Saved, Unsaved 10/24/2021ReadListen
Christianity begins by believing God's wordsDavid leach Holy Spirit, Led, Believe10/23/2021ReadListen
Dictum Meum Pactum my word is my bondDavid Leach Words, True, False10/20/2021ListenListen
Control of Self Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, Scott MayfieldSelf, Human Nature, Holy Spirit10/17/2021Listen
We choose right or wrong all through our dayDavid Leach Good, Evil, Right, Wrong10/16/2021ReadListen
When I obey God and not me, I'm saved, happy, well and fruitfulDavid Leach Obedience, Salvation, Happiness, Health10/13/2021ReadListen
Gal 5-25 If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the SpiritAmy Whitlock, Amber Mayfield, Alison MitchellHoly Spirit10/10/2021ReadListen
119 Psalm, 176 verses, one subject, Gods words, by which I an savedDavid Leach Psalm 119, God's word10/9/2021ReadListen
God's mission to every saintDavid Leach Sanctification, Saint, Perfect10/7/2021ReadListen
Psalm 1 1-3 Blessed is the person who delights in Gods wordAshely Harrell, Lisa Ashburn, Ali Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, David Leach Delight, God's Word, Prosperity, Prosper10/3/2021Listen
Gods will is missed when we see apparent riskDavid Leach Courage, Faith, God's Will10/2/2021ReadListen
Two kinds of prosperity David Leach Prosperity, Money9/29/2021ReadListen
Where do you stand on Divine provision Craig Holt, Amy Whitlock, Brody Harrell, Ashley Harrel, Amber Mayfield, Mercy AbramsProvision, Prosperity9/26/2021Listen
God heals sickness, He does not bring itDavid Leach Sickness, Health, Healing, Condemnation, Condemn, Judge9/25/2021ReadListen
The key to healing is righteousnessDavid LeachHealing, Health, Righteousness9/22/2021ReadListen
Where do I stand on Divine HealingAshley Harrell, Jon Holt, Scott Mayfield Healing9/19/2021ReadListen
Fasting- Where is Gods emphasis? On the Spiritual or the Natural?David LeachFasting9/18/2021ReadListen
Do I receive God's word in my head or heartDavid LeachHead, Heart9/15/2021ReadListen
Do I acknowledge Gods words with my heart or headAustin Mitchell, Amber Mayfield, Mercy Abrams, David LeachKnow, Head, Heart9/12/2021Listen
What is your soul, what must it still be saved from and how?David Leach Soul, Will, Saved9/11/2021ReadListen
What does God mean by our breaking bread and bearing fruit?David LeachFruit, Bread, Prayer, Praise, Preaching 9/8/2021ReadListen
CommunionJon Holt, Scott Mayfield, David LeachFellowship, Relationship, Communion9/5/2021ReadListen
Foundational gospel truths to all who will receive them and be savedDavid Leach Foundation, Truth, Receive9/4/2021ReadListen
Song- Ps 19:7-10David Leach Song, Sing9/1/2021ReadListen
Two kingdoms, Heaven or hell.. which are you in?Craig Holt, Brody Harrell, Mercy Abrams, David Leach Heaven, Hell, Living8/29/2021ReadListen
Song "Give us clean hands"David Leach Sing, Song, Praise 8/28/2021ReadListen
God is utterly faithful, but are you utterly faithful to Him?David Leach Faithful, Honest, True 8/25/2021ReadListen
Is God fair? Good? Impartial?Alison Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, Ashley Harrell, David Leach Fair, Good, Impartial8/22/21ReadListen
God calls us to His eternal Kingdom
Part 2
David Leach Eternity, Heaven8/21/2021ReadListen
God calls us to His eternal KingdomDavid LeachEternity, Calling8/18/2021ReadListen
Do you have Joy? God's joy? How? WhyBrody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, Lisa AshburnJoy 8/15/2021Listen
Have the faith of GodDavid Leach Faith8/14/2021ReadListen
Christs second comingDavid Leach Christs Return 8/11/2021ReadListen
Heaven and Hell, you choose your final destinationAli Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, David Leach Heaven, Hell8/8/2021ReadListen
Pilgrims progress IgnoranceDavid Leach Christian, Obedience 8/7/2021ReadListen
Deliverance from addictions 2 ways, mans and God'sDavid Leach Addiction, Freedom8/4/2021ReadListen
Can I pray, praise and preach without the Holy SpiritCraig Holt, Brody Harrell, Mercy Abrams, David Leach prayer, preaching, praise, God's will 8/1/2021ReadListen
We all have a spiritual enemy "Fear"David Leach Fear, Fear of the Lord 7/31/21ReadListen
The bible won't be real to me until my heart has been circumcisedDavid Leach Veil, Circumcision 7/28/2021ReadListen
Our tongues hold our destinyDavid Leach Words, Speaking, Preaching7/24/2021ReadListen
God's Promises of protection from harm to those who love HimDavid Leach Protection, Safety Danger, Harm7/21/2021ReadListen
Ungrateful heart = unhappy, Grateful Heart = Happy. How can I go from one to the otherAshely Harrell, Austin Mitchell, Brody Harrell, David Ashburn, Ali Mitchell, Amber MitchellHappy, Unhappy 7/18/21Listen
Baptism into Christ is the most important of the three baptisms David Leach Baptism, Christ, In Christ7/17/21ReadListen
A shallow reading of Romans 9 will twist the truth about GodDavid Leach Romans 97/14/21ReadListen
God's words, do you take them lightly? Do you cling to them because they are your life? Do you speak them?Ali Mitchell, Ashley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Scott Mayfield God's Words, Life, Speak7/11/2021Listen
What is the glory of, or from, God, or, what glorifies GodDavid Glory, God7/7/2021ReadListen
What is grace?David Leach Grace6/30/2021ReadListen
I can do all things through Jesus Christ Phil 4-13 John 15-5Ashley Harrell, David Ashburn, Amber MayfieldStrength, I Can, I Can Do Nothing6/27/2021ListenListen
The New Covenant is Gods fear, that is, Gods word brought to life by Gods SpiritDavid LeachNew Covenant, God's Fear, Word6/26/2021ReadListen
When I'm in Christ what things have gone, what things are newDavid Leach In Christ, New Creation, Old 6/23/2021ReadListen
The fear of the LordAshley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Scott MayfieldFear of the Lord6/20/2021ReadListen
If we're willing to be kept holy, in Christ, we’ll be living in Heaven, in God

David Leach Holy6/19/2021ReadListen
Sin, self-will is spiritual sickness, righteousness, God's will, is healthDavid LeachSin, Righteousness, Sickness, Health, Healing, Sick6/16/2021ReadListen
God kept satan from killing Jesus until Calvary, satan regretted itDavid Leach Satan, God, Murder, Life6/12/2021ReadListen
Satan is stronger than Christians so we must have God's armor and weaponsDavidSatan, God, God's Armor, Thought6/9/2021ReadListen
MelchizedekBrody Harrell, Ashley Harrell, Mercy Abrams, Scott Mayfield Righteousness, Melchizedek, King, Peace, Salvation, Preach, Praise, Intercession6/6/2021ReadListen
As flowers open to sunlight our hearts are made open to GodDavid Leach Flowers, Heart, God, Son, Sun6/5/2021ReadListen
In God's eyes we are all either wise, In Him, or a fool, Under satanDavid Leach God, Satan, Wise, Fool6/2/2021ReadListen
Salvation Through SanctificationAshley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfield, David Leach Salvation, Saved, Sanctification, Two Pillars 5/30/2021Listen
The absolute faithfulness of our Father, God, to do us goodDavid Leach Faithful, Good, God, New Covenant5/29/2021ReadListen
God encourages us, satan discourages us, but we chose who we believe David LeachGod, Satan, Discourage, Encourage5/26/2021ReadListen
Romans 8:6Ali Mitchell, Craig Holt, Ashley Harrell, Brody Harrell, David LeachMind of the Flesh, Mind of the Spirit, Two Minds, Thoughts5/23/2021ReadListen
Since Christianity is being ruled by Christ's Spirit, am I a ChristianDavid Leach Christian, Holy Spirit5/22/2021ReadListen
God freeing Israel form Egypt, into the wilderness onto the Promised Land, parallels His getting those willing born again, then out of their self–life, to live “in Christ” saved from sin David Leach Egypt, Red Sea, Wilderness, Jordan, Promise Land5/19/2021ReadListen
The Wilderness Ashley Harrell, Brody Harrell, Amber Mayfeild, David Leach Jordan, Red Sea, Egypt, Wilderness, Promise Land5/16/2021Listen
The eye- God's five meanings, including His all seeing eye David Leach The Eye, I5/15/2021ReadListen
Righteous Christians will be intimidated by unrighteous people and evil spirits if they are not established that God has made them RighteousDavid Leach Righteous, Unrighteous, Intimidated, Established5/12/2021ReadListen
Overcoming TemptationBrody Harrell, Ashley Harrell, Alison Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, David LeachTemptation, Overcome, Thoughts5/9/2021Listen
Converted as an Adult but you must become as a little child David Leach Converted, Little Child, Humility, Heaven5/8/2021ReadListen
Our salvation depends on our believing God raised Christ from the deadDavid Leach Resurrection, Easter, Dead, Christ's death 5/5/2021ReadListen
Mat 18:3 "Unless you are converted and become as a little child you will by no means enter Heaven."Brody Harrell, Amy Whitlock, Amber Mayfield, Ashley Harrell, David LeachHeaven, Child, Converted, Humble, Humility5/2/2021Listen
God creates by His word and holds His creation togetherDavid Leach God's Word, Creation, Earth, Heaven5/1/2021ReadListen
Noah built an ark to save 8David Leach The Ark, Rain, Words, Clouds, New Covenant4/29/2021ReadListen
The law is not of Faith Carolyn Mayfield, Brody Harrell, Ashley Harrell, Scott Mayfield, David LeachLaw, Faith, Old Covenant, New Covenant4/25/2021Listen
The difference between conversion to Christ and a Christian being revivedDavid Leach Conversion, Born Again, Revived, Re-lifed4/24/2021ReadListen
God's intended spiritual journey for all of us - including our children
David LeachSpiritual, Life, Born again, Reborn, Reconciled4/21/2021ReadListen
Do you have the faith of God?Brody Harrell, Ashley Harrell, Alison Mitchell, David LeachFaith, God4/18/2021Listen
God's 2 covenants the law and Christ in usDavid leach Covenant, In Christ, Law4/17/2021ReadListen
Gods wants us to know Him- none can by our way, all can by His way David Leach Knowing God, One way, God, Heart, Spirit4/14/2021ReadListen
How do I benefit if I gain things in this life then lose my soul for eternity David Leach Prosperity, Money, Soul4/10/21ReadListen

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