Pastor Scott Mayfield


My name is Scott Mayfield and I first believed in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of my past sins when I was about seven years old, receiving a new heart or spirit, but with some exceptions, I continued to live a mostly self-focused, natural, carnal Christian life until the day I began to fully give my will to God. At that time, while away from home at a military school, I received the fullness of the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised and with it a new and fresh experience of His life and power inside my heart to communicate God’s words to others in a way I hadn’t known before. My hunger for God’s words drastically increased along with my ability to trust Him, He began to really free me from anger and other wrong thoughts that had plagued me for years, the Bible increasingly came alive to me and I experienced Him strengthening my will and changing me on the inside, and I began to more clearly receive God’s guidance in my daily decisions, from what to eat to what career to pursue. I found though that this wonderful life with its love and joy and peace wasn’t permanent – because of my own independent choices and decisions I wasn’t enjoying real fellowship with Him all the time. I was sometimes in and sometimes out of God’s presence, still often stumbling into sin. Then one day I began to be taught about what else Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross for me – that He died not only for my sins, but also died to the power of sin (disobedience), and that by simply believing myself to be dead in fact to sin – just like I believed on God’s word for the forgiveness of my past sins – He would make me free from sin’s power over me. He used His own words brought alive by His Spirit together with the writings of many great men and women of God from yesteryear who truly lived a sanctified Christian life (some of which you can find on this website), including Andrew Murray, A. B. Simpson, Charles Finney and Oswald Chambers along with precious others, to encourage my heart and show me that such a life really is, in Christ, possible to live. God is able to keep me (and you) from falling back into sin as I continue to daily take up my cross by believing with my heart that I am dead to my sinful human nature, and just continue to always obey the leading of His Holy Spirit and feed on His words.6 It is the desire of my heart to communicate this truth along with the rest of the Gospel to as many others who are willing to hear it so they may continually and permanently live in God’s presence where there is freedom…
John 3:16 and Ezekiel 36:26; and 1 Corinthians 3:1-3 and Acts 5:32.
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…from sin and fullness of joy, be made like Christ and ready for His return (which is coming soon), and not be ashamed before Him at His coming. God bless you.
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