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Chuck Girard (audio)


Song List for Chuck Girard (Name Above All Names)

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1   The Name Above All Names

2   Kingdom come

3   We are the Righteousness of God

4   Blessed be the name of my Rock

5   Soldiers of the Lion

6   Don’t shoot the wounded

7   And the Rain came down

8   Wall of love

9   Walk as I walk

10  The Power and the Glory

Don Francisco (audio)


Song List for Don Francisco (Got to tell somebody)

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1   If you are thirsty

2   Whenever You are speaking to me

3   Got to tell somebody

4   Who do you think you’re fooling

5   Balaam

6   He still loves you

7   Too small a price


Don Francisco (audio)


Song List for Don Francisco (High Praise)

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1   Jesus is Lord of the way I feel

2   I will rejoice

3   To God

4   Through all my days

5   No better place


Don Francisco (audio)


Song List for Don Francisco (The Power)

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1   Let the waters roll

2   I’m gonna walk

3   One thing I ask

4   Willing to heal

5   Always there

6   Bird with a broken wing

7   Eyes of man

8   Theres more that stand on our side

9   Jesus of Nazareth

10   The Power


Alleluia (1) (audio)

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Alleluia (2) (audio)

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Living witnesses – a life fest in his life (Musical)

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Don Francisco (audio)


Song List for Don Francisco (Early Years)

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1   Gotta tell somebody

2   Beautiful to me

3   I could never promise you

4   I’ll never let go of your hand

5   Love is not a feeling

6   Voyage to Gennesaret

7   Morning prayer

8   The traveler/joy

9   Jeoshaphat

10  Come and follow Me

11  Adam, where are you?

12  There is no condemnation

13  Lullaby

14  Give your heart a home

15  He’s alive

Don Francisco (audio)


Song List for Don Francisco (Come Away)

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1   Come away

2   Cause and effect

3   Restin’ in Jesus

4   Forever loved

5   And the Spirit sings

6   Does God still get the blues

7   The fast

8   Son of righteousness

9   Freedom to move

10  Feed My sheep


Fisherfolk (audio)


Song List for Fisherfolk (Sing the Word)

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1   Ho, everyone that thirsteth

2   And you shall have power

3   Blessing and Honor

4   The Lord’s prayer

5   Whenever two or more

6   You will keep him in perfect peace

7   The Spirit of the Lord

8   The Lord is my shepherd

9   My soul does magnify the Lord

10   Trust in the Lord with all your heart

11   He shall teach you all things

12   Oh, give thanks to the Lord

13   A new commandment

14   I Am the bread of life

15   The song of Moses

16   Please break this bread Lord

17   Fear not for I have redeemed you

18   Oh happy day

19   Halleluja my Father


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