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God promises me rest- what is it- how do I enter?David Leach Rest3/31/2021ListenRead
What words revealed to you personally makes you certain God will provide for you?Ashley Harrel, Amy Whitlock, Alison Mitchell, Scott Mayfield, David Leach Provision, God3/28/2021Listen
How do I benefit if I gain things in this life then lose my soul for eternity David Leach Soul, Eternity, Prosperity, Wealth, Blessing, Cursing3/27/2021ReadListen
Worry kills Christ in me; it comes from unforgiveness as a result of pride David Leach Unforgiveness, Pride, Worry, Fear, Care3/24/2021ReadListen
Can I stay permanently in Christ if I am not permanently dead to myself? Ashley Harrell, Amber Mayfield, David LeachDead, Alive, In Christ3/21/2021Listen
GraceDavid Leach Grace, God's Word3/20/2021ReadListen
To be one of God's saints you must die Oswald ChambersDavid LeachSaint, Death3/17/2021ReadListen
Iron sharpens ironAshley Harrell, Scott Mayfield, David Leach Iron3/14/2021Listen
Winning souls- Out of satan Kingdom which is Spiritual EgyptDavid Leach Soul Winning, Satan , God3/13/2021Listen
Wigglesworth, Maren Leach and Charles Finney on soul winning David Leach Soul Winning 3/10/2021ReadListen
Are you wise? Do you win souls?Ashely Harrell, Amber Mayfield, Mercy Abrams, David LeachWise, Wisdom, Souls, Winning souls3/7/2021Listen
Satan's pride already in me takes me to hell, Christ's humility, to heaven David Leach Hell, Heaven, Satan, God, Humility, Pride3/6/2021ReadListen
God so wants to provide for us, why then do we covet what others have?David Leach Provision, Coveting, Envy2/27/2021ReadListen
Devotional AB Simpson and Murray Spirit and wordDavid Leach Spirit, Word2/20/2021ReadListen
How does love cover a multitude of sins?David Leach Love, Sin2/17/2021ReadListen
What pleases our Father?Mercy Abrams, Ashley Harrell, Amy Whitlock, Amber Mayfield, David Leach Pleasing God, Doing God's will, Faith2/7/2021Listen
Prophecy- will we let God speak through us to save ourselves and others David Leach Prophecy, Words, Preaching 1/27/2021ReadListen
What’s the priority, believing God to expose fraud or believing God for revival?David Leach Fraud, Election, Priority1/23/2021ReadListen
A veil partially over my heart David LeachVeil, Heart1/13/2021ReadListen
How can you and I access God’s peace? We access God
David Leach Peace, God, Finding Peace12/2/2020ReadListen
As I submit to God’s Spirit of peace I have peace and make peace
David Leach Peace, Peacemaker12/5/2020ReadListen
Jesus the way truth and lifeDavid Leach The Way, The Truth, The Life, Jesus12/16/2020ReadListen
Many are not comforted David Leach Comfort, God12/19/2020ReadListen
Holiness must always come before RevivalDavid Leach Holy, Revival12/30/2020Listen
God wants to Guide us continually – but will we let Him?
David Leach God's guidance11/18/2020ReadListen
Is God fair to those who haven’t heard the gospel, can they know Him without it?
David Leach Fairness of God11/14/2020ReadListen
Is a Christian to persuade people that God is real, or by Him to preach His word?
David LeachPersuade or Preach11/11/2020ReadListen
True Christians learn to wait on God – many don’t to their great loss
David LeachWaiting on God11/07/2020ReadListen
Andrew Murray – The Believer’s Daily Renewal THE INTERCESSORDavid LeachIntercession 10/31/2020Read
Andrew Murray – The Believer’s Daily Renewal THE POWER OF INTERCESSION
David Leach Intercession10/28/2020ReadListen
What is salvation? From what, to what? By whom, and how?
David Leach Salvation10/14/2020ReadListen
God’s freedom has 2 sides: From, everything evil and To, everything good
David Leach God's freedom10/10/2020ReadListen
God asks: Are you free, meaning saved, from being your own god?David Leach Salvation from selfwill10/7/2020ReadListen
We Christians have so much to thank God for, but so few of us do. Why?
David Leach Give thanks to God10/3/2020ReadListen
God will cause me to forgive all – if I don’t I’m living in darknessDavid Leach Forgiveness09/09/2020ReadListen
The mystery of healing that God wants every Christian to know
David Leach Healing09/30/2020Listen
God is our righteousness; then His word and His Spirit are our righteousnessDavid Leach Righteousness 09/26/2020ReadListen
2 kinds of righteousness – only one enters Heaven – which do I have?
David Leach Righteousness09/23/2020ReadListen
Faith alone receives from God, God gives us faith, so God expects faith.
David Leach Faith09/19/2020ReadListen
Do you and I answer to God alone – in thought, word and action?
David Leach Answer to God alone09/16/2020ReadListen
My lethal enemy of envyDavid Leach Envy09/12/2020ReadListen
Standing on a promise from GodDavid Leach Living Word08/29/2020ReadListen
The 3 fundamental parts of every ChristianDavid Leach Spirit, Soul or Will, Body08/26/2020ReadListen
Saving the World from SinDavid Leach Saved from sin08/22/2020ReadListen
From flesh to spirit – a possible way to approach the carnal Christian.David Leach Flesh, Spirit08/19/2020ReadListen
As Christians, how should you and I start each day, and why?
David Leach Start the day with God08/12/2020ReadListen
Humility and FaithDavid Leach Faith, Humility08/05/2020ReadListen
How Jesus is birthed in us and grows in us – a mystery to manyDavid Leach Spiritual growth07/29/2020ReadListen
Wrong words defile our hearts, then we can’t see God and all is impureDavid Leach Wrong words07/15/2020ReadListen
Secret placeAlison MitchellSecret place02/02/2020Listen
The Mind of ChristAlison MitchellHoly Spirit11/03/2019Listen
ForgivenessJon HoltForgiveness11/18/2018Listen
A workman approved by GodAlison MitchellBible Study12/08/2018Listen
Become like a little childCraig Holt, Scott MayfieldHumility, Faith, Holy Spirit12/17/2017ReadReadListen
God is our RestMercy Rose, Annie HoltRest, Believe11/03/2017ReadReadListen
What does it mean for Jesus to be my Lord?David LeachJesus, Lord, Follower, Holy Spirit05/10/2017ReadListen
When are you a son of God?David LeachSon, Daughter, Child01/27/2016Listen
The need and blessing of sanctification to be fully savedDavid LeachSanctification01/20/2016Listen
Free from care and no longer a slave to sinLisa Ashburn, Scott MayfieldFreedom, Care, Sin, Slave02/28/2016Listen
Who are God's people today?David LeachGod's people, Christians02/24/2016Listen
Have you allowed God to make you an able, sufficient minister?Alison Whitlock, Scott MayfieldMinister, Sufficient, Able02/14/2016Listen
Do you believe you ARE your soul?David LeachSoul, Believe02/10/2016Listen
Jesus is mighty to saveDavid LeachJesus, Save02/03/2016Listen
To be in Christ now and inherit heaven- We must be righteousScott MayfieldIn Christ, Heaven, Righteous03/27/2016Listen
The Triune God, is God's emphasis on the Three or the One?David LeachThe Triune God03/23/2016Listen
Are sin and Satan one and the same? You decide...David LeachSin, Satan03/02/2016Listen
Two kinds of wisdom- Man's and God'sDavid LeachWisdom, Foolishness04/27/2016Listen
Who needs to have faith for my healing? Me or someone else?David LeachFaith, Healing, Prayer04/20/2016Listen
Holiness MUST precede a revivalDavid LeachHoliness, Revival04/06/2016Listen
Why does God need me to pray?David LeachPrayer05/25/2016Listen
The humble do not presumeAmber Whitlock, Annie HoltHumble, Presumption05/22/2016Listen
Got Faith? Faith is the keyDavid LeachFaith05/18/2016Listen
Ministry- Who,What,Why,&How?David LeachMinistry05/11/2016Listen
Can I lose my salvation?David LeachSalvation05/04/2016Listen
The secret of the kingdom of GodDavid LeachKingdom of God06/29/2016Listen
Oh Christian, where did you learn that?David LeachGrowth, Hearing06/22/2016Listen
Being in the way, the Lord led meDavid LeachLed, The Way, Lord, Holy Spirit06/15/2016Listen
The Father provides for His branchesMercy RoseBranches, God provides06/12/2016Listen
Converted to Christ as an adult-But have you become as a little child?David LeachConverted, Become as a little child07/31/2016Listen
Dependence or DepartureAlison WhitlockDependence, Depart07/24/2016Listen
Jesus Christ-Lord of the good treesDavid LeachGood Trees07/20/2016Listen
A sure path to victoryAmber WhitlockVictory07/17/2016Listen
Jesus is the New CovenantDavid LeachJesus, New Covenant07/13/2016Listen
Permanently in Christ-Where no one can snatch you out of His handDavid LeachPermanent, In Christ08/31/2016Listen
Many newborn Christians, like the Jews, needlessly depart from GodDavid LeachNewborn, Christian, Depart08/24/2016Listen
Faith as your victory to enter and remain in the kingdom of GodCraig Holt, Mercy RoseFaith, Kingdom of God08/07/2016Listen
Is God really in control on planet earth?Craig HoltGod in control08/21/2016Listen
To take care over something or someone actually causes harmDavid LeachCare, Worry, Harm08/17/2016Listen
The Church should be a fountain of eternal life to those thirsty for GodDavid LeachEternal life, Thirsty, Fountain, Church08/03/2016Listen
Are you Righteous-Right now?Scott MayfieldRighteous, Right with God, Sin free09/18/2016Listen
Pray for a revival of righteousness being restored to ChristiansDavid LeachPray, Righteousness, Restoration09/14/2016Listen
When evil touches my life is it indirectly from God or is there a second cause?David LeachEvil09/07/2016Listen
The way to get strife out of our lives and our homesDavid LeachStrife11/30/2016ReadListen
Receiving God's Words (part 1)David LeachGod's Words 01/25/2015ReadListen
Receiving God's Words (part 2)David LeachGod's Words 01/25/2015ReadListen
The absolute need for righteousnessScott MayfieldRighteousness08/09/2015ReadListen
Evil of slander and gossipDavid LeachGossip, Slander01/15/2014ReadListen
Spiritual growth takes HumilityDavid LeachHumility02/23/2014ReadListen
Christian's defeat and God's remedyDavid LeachDefeat, Remedy02/02/2014ReadListen
Natural reason opposes the Holy Spirit- William LawDavid LeachHoly Spirit03/23/2014ReadListen
Can I live "In Christ" permanentlyScott MayfieldIn Christ03/05/2014ReadListen
Grace - RedefinedDavid LeachGrace04/30/2014ReadListen
Are you and I deceived by Sin?David LeachSin, Deceived04/06/2014ReadListen
Sanctified in ChristDavid LeachSanctified, Made Holy05/21/2014Listen
Mystery of the Kingdom of GodDavid LeachMystery, Kingdom07/27/2014ReadListen
Dead with ChristDavid LeachDead with Christ07/06/2014ReadListen
The Truth of Romans Chapter 9David LeachRomans Chapter 906/12/2013ReadListen
Backslider in Heart- Charles FinneyDavid LeachBackslider10/28/2012ReadListen
False Comfort- Charles FinneyDavid LeachFalse comfort10/21/2012ReadListen
Careful UnbeliefDavid LeachUnbelief06/05/2011ReadListen
Jesus Christ The Actual Word of GodDavid LeachWord of God12/26/2010ReadListen
Awakened and Convicted Sinner- Charles FinneyDavid LeachSinner10/10/2010ReadListen
Sin, what is it?David LeachSin09/05/2010ReadListen
Prevailing Prayer- Charles FinneyDavid LeachPrayer08/15/2010ReadListen
Death to Sin- Charles FinneyDavid LeachSin08/01/2010ReadListen
Faith not sightDavid LeachFaith01/04/2009ReadListen
The Bible, a set of rules or the grace of God?David LeachNew CovenantReadListen
AngelsDavid LeachAngelsReadListen
A pure heartScott MayfieldHeartReadListen
Pilgrim's Progress (part 1)David LeachChristian, Pliable, ObstinateReadListen
Pilgrim's Progress (part 2)David LeachSimple, Sloth, PresumptionReadListen
Pilgrim's Progress, Hypocrisy (part 4)David LeachHypocrisyReadListen
Pilgrim's Progress, Ignorance (part 5)David LeachIgnoranceReadListen
Sin is wrong being- Oswald ChambersDavid LeachSinReadListen
The Great Christian Life- Oswald ChambersDavid LeachChristianReadListen
Soul or WillDavid LeachSoul/WillReadListen
Doctrines, from God or man? (part 1)David LeachDoctrines, TeachingReadListen
Doctrines, from God or man? (part 2)David LeachDoctrines, TeachingReadListen
Sin, forgiven- A. B. SimpsonDavid LeachForgivenessReadListen
Revival of a remnant- A. B. SimpsonDavid LeachRevival, RemnantReadListen
Dairyman's Daughter- A. B. SimpsonDavid LeachTestimonyReadListen
Selflife- Andrew MurrayDavid LeachSelfReadListen
Power over Sin- Andrew MurrayDavid LeachSinReadListen
God isn't allowing evilDavid LeachEvilReadListen
Self and Pride oppose the Holy Spirit- William LawDavid LeachSelf, PrideReadListen
Forgive, or we dieDavid LeachForgiveReadListen
Become as a little childDavid LeachLittle childReadListen
AngerDavid LeachAngerReadListen
Battle between Sin and RighteousnessDavid LeachSin, RighteousnessReadListen
Carnal ChristianDavid LeachCarnalListen
Christians held captive by the devilDavid LeachCaptiveReadListen
Christians living the Resurrection LifeDavid LeachResurrectionReadListen
ConscienceDavid LeachConscienceReadListen
Crowd or remnant?David LeachRemnantReadListen
Doubt destroys ChristiansDavid LeachDoubtReadListen
Enter His Rest (Andrew Murray)David LeachRestReadListen
It takes effort to find GodDavid LeachFind GodReadListen
Fear God onlyDavid LeachFear GodReadListen
Holy CommunionDavid LeachCommunionReadListen
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