The Bible rules or grace



God’s New Covenant teaching


The Bible as Old Covenant Law versus the Bible as New Covenant Grace. The Bible rules or grace?


How do you see the Bible, as rules to obey (Law) or as Christ’s life to be imparted (Grace)
God’s first Covenant with man was a covenant of Law, His second and everlasting Covenant is a covenant of Grace. While every born again Christian began their relationship with God by grace (By grace are you saved through faith – Eph 2:8) Andrew Murray notes that most Christians then try, unsuccessfully, to develop this relationship on the basis of Law. Meaning they do their best to try and comply with the written requirements of the Bible, and do not understand that they cannot comply with them. They also try to get others to comply with scriptures not knowing that others, just as they, are incapable of complying with them. And because they are unable to comply with the righteous requirements of the law they are then condemned by the Bible. They do not know the difference between seeing the Bible as Law and seeing the Bible as Grace.
Seeing the Bible as Law – Means me doing the best I humanly can to live up to my head’s understanding of the standards set out in the scriptures. In other words me trying to keep God’s commandments. That’s the Old Covenant which man by human nature couldn’t keep.
Seeing the Bible as Grace – Means my believing that the words of the Bible are the life and nature of Jesus Christ in dormant form. Words that the Holy Spirit, if I’m willing, will cause to speak to me, enable me to understand, and, as I believe them, write them in my heart. Once there, these now living words will transform me into their likeness, imparting to me the nature of Christ. This is the New Covenant which, with Christ in me now doing it, I can keep.



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