Holy Spirit led its Imperative


God’s New Covenant teaching


Why receiving the Holy Spirit after conversion is imperative – how? Holy Spirit led its Imperative.


First; why is being filled with and led by the Holy Spirit so crucial to every Christian?
Rom 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.
Suppose I’ve bee born again as a Christian. This means I have believed that part of the gospel (God’s words) that told me that the sinless Jesus died in my place for my past sins and then rose again a victor over that death. Only because of what Jesus did, God offered me forgiveness for those past sins and I have believed, with my heart, that I am forgiven. The instant I believed God’s words, my spirit, or as the Bible often refers to it my heart, was made clean from sin. And so it was that part of me, my spirit or my heart, which was born again. The other two parts of me, my sinful flesh or human nature, and my soul, consisting mainly of my will, were not born again, only my spirit or heart was made new.
Ezek 36:26 I will give you a new heart and (hence) put a new spirit within you…
Jesus is now my Savior from the penalty for my sins; but now He wants to become, and it is imperative for me to let Him become, my Lord. Simply put, this means for Him to have complete and total rule over my life. This requires an irrevocable decision of my will or soul. Before being born again my will was dominated by my human nature which is full of sin and was under the influence of the god of this world, Satan. Spiritually, I was his child. In order for Jesus to become my Lord and for me to live as a son of God I must make an absolute surrender of my will to God, meaning I intend to always obey Him in all things.



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