Forgiveness, receiving God’s and giving mine



 God’s New Covenant teaching


Forgiveness, receiving God’s and giving mine, or I die to God.


Is it a sin if I do not forgive anyone in this world?
Matt 6:12    (Jesus) And forgive us our sins, just as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us.     TLB
Answer: Yes it is a sin for a Christian to not forgive anyone of anything. In fact it is one of the worst sins we can commit, because if we don’t forgive others their sins then God will not forgive us our sins. Think about that, if we don’t remedy the situation, by forgiving, then we will now have to be judged for our own sins since we have forsaken the judgment that Christ took on our behalf for those sins on the cross. That’s why of the several key truths in the Lord’s Prayer this is the only one repeated:
Matt 6:14-15 Your heavenly Father will forgive you if you forgive those who sin against you; but if you refuse to forgive them, he will not forgive you. TLB
Why is this such a big deal with God? Well, in Matthew 18 God compares my not forgiving someone else, when I myself have been so greatly forgiven, to a man refusing to forgive someone a 20 dollar debt when he was forgiven a 20 million dollar debt. The consequence? Our own forgiveness is withdrawn which means, being now again unrighteous, we are back in the domain of wicked tormenting spirits:
Matt 18:34-35 (Jesus) And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors…So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also to you, if you from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.   KJV



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