God’s New Covenant teaching


Doctrines; God’s New Covenant key teachings and some false teachings.


Where do your doctrines (teachings) about God come from, man or God?
2 Tim 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine..
A patchwork of doctrines: Almost everyone it seems, regardless of whether they are saved or unsaved, has concocted for themselves a patchwork of doctrines, that is, a mishmash of teachings, on matters pertaining to God. Often this patchwork consists of a little bit of teaching from one place, something heard in another place, the opinions of a minister or two, selected writings from a couple of books, a smattering of memorized Bible verses and the reasonings and presumptions of the intellect to try and loosely tie it all together. If the teachings are not scripture that has been given to the person by the inspiration of God and received and understood in the heart, then they are almost certainly going to be false.
With most Christians very little of this patchwork of doctrines is based on that person having an unshakeable conviction about the teachings because they are founded on truths that have been personally revealed to them by God’s Spirit from the scriptures. Instead of the teachings being from God, many Christians have succumbed to the “doctrines of men” Col. 2:22. What can God now do to dislodge a person from a mishmash of false teachings and assumptions? In many instances a Christian has gone over the thoughts related to these teachings many times to try and explain or justify their own bad behavior and certain adverse events. These thoughts therefore have made deep ruts in their minds, but they never satisfy their conscience. Also, if the Christian has shared with others bits and pieces of their patchwork of doctrines, even if they are now presented with the correct teachings of God, they may stubbornly resist them and defend their false teachings, because of pride.


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